About Us

Welcome to Shridakshinam.com we deales in dairy products

This days adulteration has become a big problem for mankind..each and every product is adulterated or mixed of chemicals. its very hard to believe anyone. that’s way we are into it we have a team works for quality control. trying to deliver 100% pure, organic, healthy dairy product at your door step..   

About Product

Our Cow Ghee Is Prepared from desi cows milk only. Vedic Bilona Method is used for Ghee Preparation. We collect milk form the farms and encourage them for Green Grass & Bio/Organic Food for feeding Cows , All cows are graze free and open field 

We also encourage them to Keep theirs all cows with till death (against animal cruelty)…Jai Gou Mata 

Healthy & Hygienic

Free from Adulteration

FSSAl Approved